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PTJ have 93sets punch press from 30 to 640 tons, blanking capacity from 0.04mm to 3.2mm material thickness with +/-0.007mm dimension tolerance. Parts contains terminals, shells and small metal parts etc. PTJ stamping design & building progressive die in house according to customer specific requirements. The mold stamping speed can reached 1500SPM, and tooling life time can be 300M .


Widely Range of products,includes stamping parts ,sheet metal fabrication parts,laser cutting parts,Cnc Machining Parts,Furniture legs etc.

One Stop Service

One stop service and simple support,save cost

R&D Team

With Professional engineers team can help you for projects research and development

On Time Delivery

On Time delivery,have our own professional freight agent

Own Factory

More Than 50 Professional And Skilled Workers 8000+ Square meters of site area

Advantages For Mold

One Time Paid,Quick To Bulld,Reusable,Maintain In Free

Equipment Advance

Full Inspect product before shipping,provide inspection certificate and material certificate.

About PTJ Stamping Companies

PTJ Stamping Companies a custom metal fabrication manufacturer, is specialized in metal stamping, deep drawn stamping and machining. Since 2007, PTJ has been serving major customers with bathroom fittings, electrical motor accessories and all kinds of metal accessories. PTJ Stamping Companies can satisfy all your metal stamping requirements from small stamping parts to large stamped parts, deep drawn stamping parts, as well as machining and turned parts. Our manufacture engineering group will work with your requirements to develop cost effective designs that will result in reduced investments in tooling as well as lower piece part cost. Our secondary support services include centerless grinding, cylindrical grinding, flat grinding, deburring, lapping, polishing, and tumble finishing. We also can provide services of painting and plating. We maintain a tool room with dedicated toolmakers. We are ISO9001:2015 certified. Please contact us today for a quote on our metal stamping, deep drawn stamping and turned parts, and other comprehensive metal fabrication services.Please send us your blueprints, sketches and samples for our prompt and courteous quotation.


PTJ Stamping Companies Specialized on precision stamping parts production like terminals, shield, super-precision metal contact ect. And also do designing and frabrication for high speed precision progressive die. Products widly used on comsumer elctronic industry, such as automobile, medical, computer, cellphone, intelligent appliance and clothing.


PTJ management is fully ISO9001:2015 conformed. Our satisfaction means perfect, so PTJ run for continual improvement for our products and services. From incoming material control to production and final inspection and packing, PTJ skilled staffs will strictly follow the internal quality control process to ensure all the parts our receive is of the highest quality.Good Process!

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