Matters needing attention in industrial synthetic gear oil

Matters needing attention in industrial synthetic gear oil

FABLE SHC series synthetic gear oil is blended with high-quality synthetic hydrocarbon base oil and selected additives, suitable for lubricating the relationship between bearings and gears under severe working conditions. It has far superior lubrication properties than traditional mineral base oil blended gear oils, and has outstanding performance in terms of equipment protection, oil life and trouble-free operation.

Performance advantages

Excellent thermal oxidation stability, service life is much longer than ordinary mineral stamping oil products.

Good hydrolysis stability and anti-emulsification performance, can effectively separate the water mixed into the gear box.

Good viscosity-temperature performance, especially suitable for gear lubrication operating in a wide temperature range.

The low friction coefficient can reduce the energy consumption of the gear surface during operation, reduce friction and heat generation, and ensure the normal lubrication of the gear.

Excellent lubrication performance, providing better extreme pressure and anti-wear protection capabilities, and prolonging the service life of the gearbox.

Products with equivalent performance at home and abroad

This oil is used in gear transmission applications with Mobil SHC600, Mobilgear SHC, SheII Omala HD, BP,

Enersyn HTX series products have comparable performance.

Scope of application

l  Severe conditions such as: closed gear reducer working under high temperature and large environmental temperature changes;

l  Especially suitable for some systems that require lifetime lubrication;

l  Medium load sliding and rolling bearings;

l  Circulating oil system;

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