Discussion on Methods of Improving the Service Life of Stamping Die

Discussion on Methods of Improving the Service Life of Stamping Die

Discussion on Methods of Improving the Service Life of Stamping Die

stamping die is currently a widely used manufacturing method in the manufacturing industry, but the current level of stamping die production in my country is not ideal, and there is still a gap between it and western developed countries, especially in the relatively short service life of stamping die , The short service life will directly affect the use of products, and at the same time, it will directly affect the development of my country’s manufacturing industry. Therefore, how to effectively improve the service life of stamping dies is very important. It can play a certain role in the development of stamping dies. Keywords: stamping die life method measures, stamping dies are used very frequently in my country’s manufacturing industry, especially in the automobile manufacturing industry, stamping dies are the key to automobile manufacturing.

The improvement of the service life of stamping dies is a very comprehensive issue. It is necessary to analyze the factors affecting the service life of stamping dies from many aspects, and take targeted measures to continuously improve the service life of the dies.

Wear of stamping dies Wear failure is a relatively common form of stamping die failure at present. The failure caused by the wear of the die during the stamping process. Generally speaking, the possible wear during the stamping process includes blade passivation and groove marks on the surface. , Edges and corners are rounded, etc., and the reasons for wear failure can be mainly analyzed from the following points.

  • First, due to insufficient hardness, the mold contacts the material during the stamping process, and friction between them due to the punching force causes the stamping die to pull Damage failure;
  • Second, when the mold presses the material, some debris of the material will fall due to the pressure, and the debris will generate friction between the material and the mold, which intensifies the wear of the mold and causes the mold to fail
  • The third problem is that due to insufficient finish, the surface of the mold is stained with blank metal during the stamping process. These metal dusts have a certain effect on the material, resulting in changes in the size of the material, resulting in product strain failure.

Influencing factors of the service life of stamping dies At the current stage, in order to solve the service life of stamping dies, the heat treatment process, material selection and structural design problems should be solved first, so that it is possible to continuously improve the service life of stamping dies. The factors causing the service life of the stamping die include the following: 2.1 The material selection of the stamping die has a very obvious impact on the die life in the material selection of the die itself. The metal properties of the material itself will directly affect the strength requirements of the die. The mold material has a certain impact.

The mold will be affected by impact, vibration and high-strength pressure during the stamping process, which will cause the mold to be prone to corresponding hidden dangers and shorten the service life. 2.2 The impact of the structure of the stamping die First, whether the design of the die structure is reasonable or not will directly affect the service life of the die, if its structure design is unreasonable, it will directly cause the direction of force to be not concentrated, which will cause the die to deform during the stamping process; The structural design of the stamping die should not be too complicated.

If it is too complicated, the possibility of wear and deformation of the die will increase, thereby reducing the service life of the die; third, the setting of the stamping parameters will have a greater impact on the service life of the die itself. Influence. 2.3 The influence of die heat treatment Stamping dies must be subjected to heat treatment during stamping. The method of heat treatment will directly affect the service life of the stamping die.

First of all, in the quenching stage, due to the relatively high heating temperature, the mold is overheated and burned, which weakens the toughness of the mold itself. In this way, the mold will crack due to insufficient toughness during long-term use.

At the same time, if the quenching temperature is too low, the wear resistance of the mold itself will decrease, and then the mold will wear and fail.

Therefore, the mold needs to be protected to a certain extent during the heat treatment. If the protection is not in place, the surface will be caused. A certain oxide layer is formed, which reduces the wear resistance of the mold

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