Introduction to the tearing of stamping parts

Introduction to the tearing of stamping parts

Introduction to the tearing of stamping parts

1. The forming process parameters are not in place

In the forming process of the part, the process requires that the die, the blanking core and the two must be tightly combined. When the machine tool slides down, the plastic deformation of the thin sheet is carried out to form. However, the quality of the parts in the pressing process is unstable. The main reason is that the processing technicians did not adjust the pressure of the machine tool at this stage in accordance with the specified requirements of the process, which caused stability problems and resulted in unstable quality of the parts. .

2. Design defects of flanging forming die

The mold is a mold with two cavities. In addition to flanging, this process also contains shape forming content. In addition, the part is particularly complex, the curved surface is narrow, and the forming requires that the concave die press material core matches the forming surface, etc., which leads to The mold structure conditions are large and the pressing area is small.

3. There are errors in mold processing parts and drawing design

For example, clearly mark the area that needs to be processed. However, because the die core is a complex surface, the guide surface is machined after the casting is formed, which results in a gap error after the machining surface and the guide surface of the die are slidingly matched, and the die core left/left during the normal operation of the mold Swing right.

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