Knowledge sharing of precision stamping parts

Knowledge sharing of precision stamping parts

Knowledge sharing of precision stamping parts

Metal Stamping processing is mainly processed by classification, which can be divided into independent processes and constituent processes into two categories. The separation process, also known as stamping, is to make it its own contour line while adhering to the quality requirements of a separate chapter. The purpose of the composition process is to supply the workpiece without stopping the plastic deformation in the case of plastic deformation, and to make the shape and standard of the workpiece. In practice, it is generally used in the processing of various workpieces. Stamping, bending, shearing, stretching, bulging, spinning, and straightening are the primary stamping processes.

The quality of the processed surface of the stamping parts and the finished product greatly affects the internal function. The thickness of the precision stamping materials is uniform, the surface is lubricated, no stains, no scratches, no scratches, no surface cracks; the yield strength is uniform, and there is no obvious direction ; Uniform elongation, low yield ratio.

In the actual production, the stamping process uses similar skills, such as deep-drawing function inspection, functional inspection and other inspections of bulging stamping materials to ensure product quality and a high pass rate.

Directly affect the accuracy and structure of stamping parts. The manufacturing cost of molds and stamping parts is an important factor in cost and quality. Mold design and manufacturing require more time, which extends the new production time of stamping production.

The deployment of mold bases and templates, guiding standardized and simple molds (small batch production), compound molds, multi-station progressive molds (many productions), and equipment deployment and rapid mold replacement can reduce punching workload and shorten preparation time It can reduce the weight and reduce the production time preparation of stamping parts. Such a large-scale advanced stamping can be reasonably applied to the production of small batches and multiple varieties of production skills.

Except for water plate stamping and forming equipment, they are generally mechanical presses. With modern high-speed multi-station as the center, the mechanical press opens, levels, completes the assembly, transportation and other machinery and tool warehouses and quick die change equipment, as well as computer program control, high production rate, automatic stamping production line.

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