Material band method for metal stamping continuous die

Material band method for metal stamping continuous die

Material band method for metal stamping continuous die

The successive mold is to place the stamping process (station) required for the finished product in the same set of molds for punching. The materials used for the successive molds are coil materials, and the materials are sent to each independent engineering station in the mold at equal intervals by the feeder for stamping processing, and the finished product is completed at the final engineering station.

1. The function of successive mould material belts

In the continuous mold, the data will be processed in stages: punching, separating, bending, etc., and the remaining materials of the semi-finished products connected to each engineering station are called strips. Generally speaking, the belt material area and the connection between the semi-finished products of the engineering stations and the finished products are collectively referred to as the material belt. Experienced mold planners can know this set of mold planning methods by investigating a material belt.

2. Consecutive mold material belt composition

The material belt is composed of a positioning hole and a safe width of material. The main function of the positioning hole is to allow the material to be sent to each engineering station at equal intervals for stamping processing to ensure the accuracy of stamping processing. The marginal width of the remaining material is mainly used as Connect and transfer the semi-finished products of each engineering station, connect each semi-finished product and send it to the next engineering station for stamping processing.

  • 1. Positioning hole ∮ diameter:The ∮ diameter of the positioning hole is determined according to the feeding interval (pitch) and the width of the material belt. It is usually planned to be ∮ 1.5mm or more, and most use 0.5mm as the base as the positioning hole selection method (example: ∮2.0mm, ∮2.5mm , ∮3.0mm… etc.), but now the stamping parts are getting smaller and smaller, and the feeding pitch is getting smaller and smaller. The existing positioning holes are now set to ∮0.7mm,
  • 2. The width of the material strip setting:The width of the material belt mainly lies in the stable connection and transfer of semi-finished products to the stamping engineering station. Generally, the width of the material belt is usually set ≧3.0mm, and it can also be planned according to practical needs.

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